Alexander Streltsov is one of the world's premiere stage and arena performers today. His aerial artistry has thrilled audiences all over the world. His performances have been seen nationwide in the U.S. on ABC and PBS on primetime television shows in such diverse settings as the ABC Special "Christopher Reeve- A Celebration of Hope," in which he performed with Grammy award-winning saxophone player Tom Scott, and the spectacular PBS live performance "Cincinnati Pops Holiday- Fourth of July from the Heartland," viewed by an estimated 12 million people coast-to-coast. Another PBS television special shown nationwide featured Alexander with "Cirque Ingenieux," an elaborate stage production created by Neil Goldberg, which received rave reviews as it toured in all major cities across America. Whether performing in theaters, concert halls, or in giant coliseums for major sporting events, Alexander has mesmerized audiences everywhere. Whether you are a fan or a producer looking for an added 3-dimensional ingredient to your show, you are invited to get to know Alexander (Sasha) Streltsov by reading his biography, viewing a video clip excerpt from a performance, or by exploring the gallery where you can share Sasha's memories as he grew up.